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“Yup, we’ll just keep this among ourselves.” (For sure, the sheep don’t need to know this before the annual shearing.) 

Twin Sisters of Deception

00_ECON_shutterstock_71656441_TaxExtenders_800pxYeah, yeah, I know, you’ve heard it all before. But it is that time of year. Time for April Fools.

That everyone should pay his “fair share” is one of the great myths of the Income Tax. How can you “pay” with paper that lacks wealth? How can politicians smart enough to get elected to Congress be stupid enough to endorse a 25% flat tax program to balance the budget. (Duh, let’s see now Vern, we print this paper here, then we take 25% of it back from the people’s spending every day, and we can pay for gubmint.”)

Don’t laugh at the ridiculous logic. Harvard and Princeton-educated economists, as well as a plethora of current and former congress critters, actually publicly promote this foolishness.

In actuality, the tax does not fund anything at all but goes flushing down the federal sewer. If the money creators can expand the money supply at will (and with much greater ease than trying to extract tax “payments” from the citizens), then why do they need to bother with taxing it away? Only one reason, really, and that is to slow the wheels of inflation. Less spendable income by the populace means fewer dollars chasing hard goods in the marketplace. This is basic. You don’t have to go to college to understand this. But only when the entity used as money is actual wealth can anything be funded. Try paying for your lunch tomorrow with blank pieces of paper.

Why maintain such a large agency called the Internal Revenue Service? Two reasons: the one just mentioned above and also to maintain a dossier on all of America’s workers in order to know exactly where to go to confiscate cash and property when a citizen does not behave.

And they call this “the land of the free and the home of the brave!” We are the land of the deceived acting like believed.

irs-cartoon-1With just a basic understanding of the money issue, one can understand what a fraud on freedom – not necessarily a legal fraud, to which we are coming but a literal defrauding away of the American’s liberties that has transpired – with the creation of the twin sisters of deception, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Income Tax. These were created on the books by elected but dishonorable public officials that were sworn to uphold and defend the laws that protected these freedoms. It was the “domestic enemies” of which the founders had warned. (There are more now.)

But the real travesty of the abolition of lawful money has been the secret, silent power that the federal government has garnered with its legal tender. Think of the expanding bureaucracy. Think of the countless unconstitutional statutes that have been passed and then enforced with the additional hiring of armed agents in the dozens of alphabet agencies. Think of the federal buildings in every sizable city in every state in America and the federal judges, appropriately dressed in black, jailing the law-abiding citizens for behaving constitutionally but not federally, which is certainly classified as “criminal” under today’s laws on the books.

Where will it end? Maybe with half the people in the country guarding the other half? Or will it more likely be the reduction of the world’s population by 95%, as promoted by the elite of the New World Order? Certainly this would make the goyim much easier to disarm and control.

How has such a disgraceful spoils system that produces a living for tens of thousands of accountants and lawyers, while costing the American people millions of hours of record keeping – to say nothing of the $billions in taxes on their labor – been allowed to go on for generations? The reason is that the phony income tax system is truly witchcraft and few will ever untangle the mystery.

In the year 2000, a Discovery Health Channel Study of fears and phobias showed that Americans fear the IRS more than they fear God. How tragic.

The following transcript is not a joke, but it will serve to instruct the reader just a little bit more about what is going on behind the curtain.

Federal attorney Kent Jones was being questioned by an unnamed Supreme Court Justice on the subject of criminal penalties for failure to file income tax returns. Despite the court’s intended irony in the following exchange, one would have to agree that we’re shown (a) how conveniently ignorant the highest judges are of income tax laws, and (b) how committed they are to preserving the status quo if the truth should threaten it.

This is not a spoof but a verbatim copy of an actual court record:


Petitioner vs SANDRA L. CRAFT, Respondent No. 00-1831

Washington, D.C. Monday, January 14, 2002

The above-entitled matter came on for oral argument before the Supreme Court of the United States at 10:01 a.m.

APPEARANCES: KENT L. JONES, ESQ., Assistant to the Solicitor General, Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.; on behalf of the Petitioner. JEFFREY S. SUTTON, ESQ., Columbus, Ohio; on behalf of the Respondent. pp. 5, 6:

COURT: What about criminal procedures? Are there any criminal procedures for —


COURT: — failure, continued failure to file —

MR. JONES: Of course, if you file a return, then you’re not exposing yourself to any criminal obligations, and if you don’t file a return, it would be — I’m not familiar with a statute that makes that a crime by itself. Now, it may be that it’s a crime in connection with some intent to conceal, but just the fact that you didn’t file — I’m not — frankly, I’m not — even though I come before the Court on tax cases, I’m not an expert on criminal tax matters, but it’s my impression that that would not by itself be a crime. Now, the Federal tax —

COURT: We’d better not let the word get out. I thought that it was a crime, but I’ll check. (Laughter.)

MR. JONES: All right, well, I stand —

COURT: We’ll keep it just among ourselves.





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