Architect: “Single Shooter Impossible”

By Pat Shannan

The January court ruling saying James Holmes is “competent” to stand trial for the Aurora, Colorado theater shootings begs a bigger question: how could Holmes or any madman have been competent enough to accomplish such a feat by himself?
In response to the massive circumstantial evidence pointing to the absolute requirement of several people having to have been involved – plus the lack of proof to implicate Holmes in the first place – retired architect Michael Delaney answers the question with some simple calculations garnered from a lifetime of work experience.
Last July’s shooting occurred in Theater 9 at the Century 16 multiplex at the Town Center Shopping Mall. In addition to the multiple long guns and handguns the shooter allegedly carried, he was dressed in black, wore a gas mask, load-bearing vest, a helmet, bullet-resistant leggings, a throat protector, groin protector and gloves. There was no way the shooter could be identified by anyone. He initially was not perceived as a threat because many in the audience were dressed in costumes depicting the Batman movie characters. Then he and others were seen throwing exploding canisters before he started shooting. Many 911 emergency calls went out from cell phones, and an inordinately large number of police appeared in only 90 seconds.
However, early news reports have at least eleven victims and witnesses reporting the shots (“louder than those from the screen”) and/or being wounded while sitting in Theater 8, separated by a soundproof wall from where James Holmes is accused of firing the shots in Theater 9. Of these, McKayla Hicks told a Denver TV interviewer in January of the bullet that removed one of her teeth and is still lodged in her gums.
The Aurora police have continually insisted that the shots entered Theater 8 through the soundproof wall. Their quick arrival on the scene and finding Holmes outside at his car precludes his having fired in two separate theaters.
“And that is your solid evidence of the frame-up,” Mr. Delaney told AFP. “I have constructed soundproof theaters, and those walls are a foot thick. If those witnesses (in Theater 8) heard shots louder than the movie shots, they could not have come from the adjacent theater.” His lengthy report shows, among many more convincing details, that the Remington .223 bullet (used by the shooter) when fired through mere gelatin penetrates by 9.5 inches and splits into two pieces. U. S. Army tests show that the same caliber fired into “wall and gelatin” penetrated only half as far and fragmented.
Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates has refused to release the surveillance tapes from both inside and outside the theaters. These would almost certainly reveal the truth. Mr. Delaney being called to the witness stand by defense counsel would aid their case as well.
Independent investigators conclude that Holmes is either 1] an MK-Ultra programmed assassin; or 2] a drugged patsy who didn’t kill anybody; or 3] a psychiatric casualty who was driven to kill by the well-known effects of meds he was prescribed.

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