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Calling Trey Gowdy, Calling Trey Gowdy

bgNow it has been nine frustrating months that we have been wrestling with the inactivity of the chairman of the House Judicial Committee. Not only will Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) not do his job, he has sheltered himself from outside inquiry by ordering his staff to ignore all calls or letters correspondence from outside his district, insisting that we all must deal with our own representatives.

tgowdyOkay, let’s go to Plan B. If just a few people in the Greenville/Spartanburg South Carolina district will alert their Congressman to this crime and cover-up by Seattle Federal Judge Richard Tallman, the bulldog they will be turning loose is Rep. Trey Gowdy. As a former prosecutor, Gowdy hates crime and wouldn’t hesitate to ask Bob Goodlatte to get on this Hinkson/Tallman case, if he just knew about it. Give Gowdy a nudge, South Carolinians. Tell him about this: See:

Here’s the way it works. If just a half dozen unrelated people appeal to the same U. S. representative to help solve a problem, he/she jumps right on it. That’s all it takes. So if we could nudge only a half dozen people in Gowdy’s South Carolina district to give his office a call and provide him with the details of this case, it will be all the impetus he will need to pass it on to Goodlatte or motion for an investigation at the next committee meeting.

All we want to do here is help get an innocent man out of jail.

david-hinkson-radio-ini-newsIn this case, David Hinkson, developer of Water-Oz (a natural healer despised and ostracized by Big Pharma) in the state of Idaho, was convicted of conspiring to murder a federal judge on the testimony of one lying witness who was later convicted of perjury. Judge Tallman, in open court, stated made-up facts (his own lies) to bolster the story of the lying witness, committed perjury himself by doing so and turned his own courtroom into a crime scene. Are these not the “high crimes and misdemeanors” the founders spoke about when addressing impeachment? We believe so and must implore our Congressmen/women to find the facts. That’s what the HJC was put in place to do. We are talking about policing the domestic enemies described by our nation’s founders.

That one lying witness, Elvin Joe Swisher, is the man that sent David Hinkson to prison a decade ago for what amounts to a life sentence. Swisher claimed that Hinkson had threatened to murder some federal judges, but at the time this alleged conspiracy was taking place, David wasn’t even in the country. He was in the Ukraine seeking a plant site for international distribution of his miracle health product. However, when he was arrested, the court routinely took his passport (showing his visa-stamped evidence) when he was released on bail. In order to prevent the jury from seeing this exonerating evidence, Judge Tallman refused to release it to the defendant at trial time. Tallman was doing all he could to get a conviction. Certainly, a fair minded judge would have allowed a defendant, to present absolutely exculpatory evidence that was in the exclusive control of the Judge.

Click here to view Cesspool of Judicial Corruption: The David Hinkson Story.

Regarding the ex parte meeting between Judge Tallman and perjuring witness Swisher (details in the link above), Tallman has admitted that it took place, and his response was a duty-shirking “so what?”

This “I’m above the law” attitude was the same portrayed by prosecutor Mike Sullivan when he purposefully withheld Brady material from military records showing Swisher to be a liar and a fraud. When asked by the defense attorneys (after he admitted having a copy) why he didn’t present it to the court, he arrogantly replied, “Why should I?”

The recurring problem throughout the kangaroo trial was that the corrupt judge was too busy vouching for the prosecution’s bogus witness and looking for ways to help Swisher avoid being cross-examined about his Grand Jury testimony that he could not look objectively at the case. In fact, Tallman allowed the trial to develop into such a carnival atmosphere with the prosecutor vouching for Swisher, Swisher vouching for himself and then Tallman vouching for Swisher’s whole pack of lies that the jury never learned the truth of the matter. The terms “Your Honor” and “This honorable court” were turned into caricatures.

Please see the committee list below, look for your own representative and remember how the political system works. It takes only a handful of complaints to move a representative to action, and by the same token, it will take even less than that to get Bob Goodlatte to do his job, if those nudges are coming from his own committee members. This list is immense, so it won’t take many, but it will require action from us to alert them. It’s the domino effect of a positive kind: we tell the rep and he tells the committee head.


If you see that your own representative is on this committee, will you please take five minutes to send an email or make a phone call to his/her office? They are the ones that can have the impact on Goodlatte, who is the right position to investigate Tallman but has failed to acknowledge any request by “We, the People” since last December. Merely sending a copy of this column by email or hardcopy can be effective as well. The more requests they get, the faster we can expect action.





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