Maybe The People have the Answers

Maybe The People have the Answers

Shannan's new book is a startling amalgam of hidden truths, suppressed evidence and little-known history lessons that provide a unique perspective on the "contagions" that currently plague our Republic.

This is a different kind of book. Shannan presents the evidence of several cases, including the fraud of the “passing” of the 14th, 16th and 17th Amendments. Do you not understand the ongoing  deception of federal government vs. the people and the States? Do you not understand how/why the news media always continue to be “accessories after the fact,” when it comes to government crimes? Here is your evidence in print.

This book is another little known expose’ of government suppression and oppression with documentary evidence of such cover-ups as the electronic vote fraud and the Dept. of Justice’s frame-up of Texas businessman Dick Simkanin, who later died in prison after refusing to perform IRS withholding duties not specified by law and for asking to see the law. The DoJ attempted twice to indict Simkanin but each time he had been notified of the proceedings, chose to appear before the grand jury to present his side of the story, and each time the grand jury chose not to indict. Finally, the deceptive U. S. Attorney, realizing that Simkanin’s truthful presentation of his case would never get an indictment, surreptitiously impaneled a grand jury behind closed doors, without giving the defendant an audience, and achieved his goal of bringing another honest businessman to trial. As a blueprint forerunner to the Edgar Steele trial a decade later, Dick Simkanin found himself being sold out by both his lawyer and the trial judge without the jury ever being shown the imaginary law that he “broke.” The jury foreman was also a party buddy of the judge. Simkanin ended up with a 129-year sentence and eventually died in prison.

Another little-known crime and cover-up is that of DC lawyer Warren Richardson and Sen. Orrin Hatch attempted to bribe Bill Benson (co-author of The Law That Never Was, re. the unlawful passing of the 16th [income tax] Amendment) with a bribe of “becoming a multi-millionaire” if Benson would only cease the sale of his book and pass the remaining copies on to him to be destroyed. The whole offer was heard and sworn to by affidavit here in print by Pastor Greg Dixon of the Indianapolis Baptist Church.

Then there’s the first-hand witness testimony of seeing the electronic vote taking place right at the polls.

Yes, Maybe the People Have the Answers is definitely a different kind of book.

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