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thomas-payneOf Tyrants and Tyrannists


“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered,” said Thomas Paine at the onset of this nation.

I have said this before but it bears repeating. Not much has changed since the nation’s founding except the faces. The tyrants are boisterous and obtrusive. Just watch your TV “News” each evening. But the ever-dangerous tyrannists are subtler. Like weevils, and with announced good intentions, they silently destroy liberty and everything holy. This is how they feed themselves. Ignorance is bliss, and who can penetrate it? The tyrannists are not in charge but arrogantly flaunt their way into the influential spotlight and revel in the glory. Since college days or sooner, they have believed that they are of the upper crust, the chosen few. In fact, they are fools – helping to destroy freedom in the name of “freedom.” Okay, so you cannot find “tyrannists” in your dictionary. That’s because it’s not there (yet). But you will catch my drift. Tyrannists are the second-level, tympanitic, lower echelon useful idiots who aid and abet the tyrants. How do I know the definition? Because I made it up a few years ago and defined it on the spot.

The tyrannists are the establishment news morons who believe that their ignored (and sometimes really good!) investigative pieces continue to go unpublished only because of a preempting by editors with a more important news item of the moment.

Tyrannists are the leftist college professors who spew their ungodly garbage into the fertile minds of the future generation of “leaders” – thereby perpetuating their lies into history. And the most insidious gang of tyrannists of all is that which falsely portrays itself to be “of the law,” those prosecuting attorneys and judges. They are able to mold another group of otherwise intelligent, law-abiding citizens into simpleton, tyrannist dolts, once these 12 people sit in a jury box.

Police-BrutalityWhere have all the heroes gone? When reading of the police brutality and abuse of authority by the so-called Justice system, I remember the good guys we used to know before the peace officer’s “to protect and serve” had evolved into the dreaded “law enforcement.” The young cop who held your hand to cross the street toward the schoolhouse door when you were seven was the same old cop that told you at thirty-seven, “Just slow it down a little, Bill,” after flagging you down for going 45 in a 30. At the time they were there to serve and protect the people. Now they are there to serve and protect the mayor, the governor, the judges, the president, other cops and, of course, the system – a system that today just might collect a hundred bux or more from you for not wearing that seat belt you’ve never needed once over the million+ miles you’ve traveled in your lifetime.

It has become difficult to sympathize with a cop that is shot dead while abusing the rights of a law-abiding citizen – especially one minding his own business inside his home when the SWAT team breaks down the front door – and sometimes even at the wrong address. Such a thing in my youth would have been unimaginable, and in 1993, I actually found myself cheering for the Branch Davidians for fending off the federal attack at their church home outside of Waco; as well as bemoaning the fact that Randy Weaver could not have done the same when his wife and son were murdered by federal snipers at Ruby Ridge. Not only were the goons not prosecuted but almost all were given accolades and some got even promotions for legalized murder.

Jack-McLambIt is a fact that the heroes that are dying off are not being replaced or even wanted. My buddy of more than thirty years, Jack McLamb, just “flew away” in January, even though it seemed that with that dreaded Parkinsons, he had already been gone longer. With his voice weakened and his body ravaged, Jack kept his radio show far longer than he should have, and his “Aid and Abet” warning to cops and military personnel (a publication that we all looked forward to receiving and always read first when it hit our mailboxes) gradually slipped from monthly to bi-monthly to quarterly to occasionally.

The fight for Truth and Freedom was inborn with Jack McLamb, and just as it was no surprise to anyone who knew him to see him spending the last half of his life seeking the truth and exposing the lies, it was also no surprise that he kept fighting to the finish. He knew nothing else. It was his nature. “What else am I going to do, Brother,” he said to me more than once on the phone. “This is what I do.” All I had done was to suggest that he slow down a little and try to get well. I should have anticipated his reply beforehand.

Jack was known as “Officer Friendly” on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona in the 70s and early 80s, because he was the one who still took time with kids and the homeless. Then he became an outcast because he performed the dastardly deed of embracing the Constitution for the united States and recognizing the rights of his fellow man. His problem was that he arrived at these crossroads at just about the same time the New World Order was not-so-secretly operating behind the scenes destroying the freedoms that Jack had sworn to “protect and serve.” Somehow, I discovered his newsletter in Georgia in 1982, which was only a short time after he had initiated it in Arizona.

A coupla’ years later, after enduring longtime harassment from the powers above because of his refusal to stop publishing his newsletter on the defensive stand that his lawful activities off duty could not be dictated (and his win with the board), Jack was demoted to street duty in one of the roughest drug areas in town. While he did not get killed (as apparently planned), he was permanently disabled in a street fight while arresting a drunken druggie and was forced into disability and retirement. His body defiled but his brain intact, Jack McLamb spent the rest of his life attempting to expose the giant shadow known as The New World Order surrounding the planet.

Despite his valiant efforts of winning a few battles over the years, Jack was the first to tell us that the enemy was winning the war, and “We the People” have very little protection anymore from the standing army operating under the perfectly legal guise of “law enforcement.”

For example, traffic tickets were never required to be signed by the recipient in old days. Today, the signature completes a Bond Agreement. So what happens when one refuses to sign? Seven-months pregnant Seattle resident Malaika Brooks took repeated blasts from a taser gun. While Brooks bears permanent burn scars on her body from the encounter, the brilliant cops were cleared of any wrongdoing on the grounds that, “Duh, we didn’t know that tasering a pregnant woman was wrong.” The system wants that Bond Agreement. It’s all about money.

car_shotEight Los Angeles police officers fired 103 bullets at two women in a newspaper delivery truck they mistook for a getaway car during a heated manhunt. The older woman was shot twice in the back and the other was wounded by broken glass. At least the women were offered a $4.2 million settlement for their injuries, but the jack-booted thugs were merely reprimanded for acting inappropriately, “retrained” and put back on the streets. Not unlike the semi-civilized savages that gain early parole from prison, these people behind the tarnished badges, too, are often repeat offenders.

During the course of a routine investigation, a group of Los Angeles police officers beat, punched, and tasered homeless, schizophrenic Kelly Thomas until he was brain dead. The two officers charged for their role in the beating were acquitted and will face no time in prison. A third officer who was supposed to be charged also walks free.

New York City police, pursuing a man who had reportedly been weaving among cars in Times Square, fired into a crowd, shooting a 54-year-old woman in the knee and another woman in the buttocks. NYC’s Finest faced no repercussions for their reckless behavior, but prosecutors figured the suspect was the real villain responsible and charged him with felony assault on the grounds that he was responsible for the injuries caused by the police.

Derek Copp, a college student at Michigan’s Grand Valley State University, was studying at a friend’s apartment one afternoon when a SWAT team donning full military regalia attempted to barrel through his sliding glass door. Copp, panicked by this unwarranted intrusion, thrust open the curtains. At that moment a deputy shot him in the chest. Although Copp didn’t die from these wounds, the guilty officer later justified the actions by claiming that the unarmed student “aggressively” pulled open the drapes, thus causing him to shoot.

Yeah, right! After all, what if those drapes had jumped through the glass and swaddled those cops into helplessness!??!

Chicago police realized they needed to utilize Angel Perez as a drug informant but Perez was reluctant. So they arrested, beat, and sodomized him with a gun up his rectum, all in an effort to “persuade” him to be on their side. All this with impunity, and the officers remain on active duty today, patrolling the streets.

houston-policePonder this stat: in the last six years, the Houston Police Department has yet to find a single police shooting to be unjustified. Between 2007 and 2012, the HPD officers injured 111 civilians while fatally shooting 109 other people.

After only one generation following the merger of peace officers with law enforcement, the police state is fully protected by the governing forces. John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute says, “That is exactly what we are witnessing today: a war against the American citizenry. To put it another way, there can be no hope for freedom unless “We the People” recognize that every time the police shoot an unarmed citizen, taser an elderly person, or beat someone senseless or crash through a homeowner’s door, they are really shooting me, tasering you, and beating senseless your children, your neighbors and your loved ones.”

Will you be the next victim of the tyrannists?

At the founding of this Republic, there were only four federal crimes: treason, counterfeiting, piracy, and crimes against the law of nations. Now there are three thousand federal crimes, three hundred thousand federal administrative regulations, many of which are punishable as crimes, and about eighty-five thousand local governments with five hundred thirteen thousand elected officials, or one in every five hundred people. We have an estimated forty-five million laws – state, federal and local. God, the Creator of the universe, gave us only ten laws with which to live our lives, and although I fail often, I try to conduct my life by those Ten Commandments. It would be impossible, however, to obey forty-five million laws. Those millions of laws and the government enforcers are destroying our Republic.

–Mel Stamper, Juris Doctor and author of Fruit from a Poisonous Tree

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